Scripts of previous performances are available for download.

Full permission is given to utilize or amend the downloaded scripts in any way.  We encourage anyone to stage 'Inana's Descent to the Nether World'.

Sumerian-only version script, 2018

This version is completely in the Sumerian language. Accompanied by Japanese translations and word-for-word translations. Created by Keisuke Takai.

European Performance script, February, 2018

This is the script that was handed out to spectators of the European performances. Yasuda formed the outline and Takai corrected and aligned. The English translation was based on 'The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature' by the Oxford University, and translations from Japanese are by Nadiah Sorait. (Some changes occurred at the actual performance)

Subtitles for European Performances, February 2018

Subtitles for the European Performances include spoken words by the performers (Sumerian and Japanese), with English translations below. The basis of the script was based on the ETCSL(The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature - University of Oxford) and formed by Yasuda and checked by Takai. Translations of Japanese portions are mainly by Nadiah Sorait. Arika Sasame operated the subtitles during the performances; an important task requiring basic knowledge of Sumerian and English. The top image is by Manabu Nakagawa, an illustrator and cheif priest at Zuisenji-temple, Kyoto. Nakagawa illustrated the cover of Yasuda's book " 『Awai no Jidai no 'Rongo' Human 2.0 ", and also hosts the study groups (terakoya) at his temple when Yasuda is in Kyoto.

Workshop Material: Reading 'Inana's Descent to the Nether World' in the Sumerian language

Reading 'Inana's Descent to the Nether World' in Sumerian workshops were lead by Keisuke Takai Professor as a part of the Inana porject. The handouts from the seven part workshop are available for download below.