Inana in the works

New versions of Inana’s descent to the Nether World are under development, including an all-puppet version and an only-Sumerian version.


2018年12月23日 阿弥陀寺(熊本県)

Inana’s Descent to the Nether World

Zuisen-ji Temple, Kyoto / 7th Autumn 2018

Inana’s Descent to the Nether World
Premiere of "Dumuzid's Dream"

Inana's husband Dumuzid was troubled by nightmares. The dream was about being taken to the Nether World in replace of Inana. Dumuzid consults his elder sister, Ĝeštin-ana. Eventually Inana comes to Dumuzid with the Galla demons of the Nether World. What is to become of Dumuzid?